Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My totes are the product of wanting to be more environmentally responsible without sacrificing style. Since moving to Seattle from Houston, my original mindset of being fashionable and cool has morphed with the more eco-conscious lifestyle of the pacific northwest. Now that the idea of living green has moved into public awareness, city dwellers and stylish people aren't going to be driven to carry a burlap or natural canvas bag around town for shopping, I'm sorry.

In response to this, coupled with the ease of hosting a shop on Etsy, I decided to start my own line of totes that reflect my unique point of view (and hopefully yours!). I hope to give those of us who pay attention to what we wear and sport around an urban setting an option in reusable bags.

I'm a fashion design student at the Art Institute, and in my third level sewing class we learned the profesional finishing techniques of making handbags. This knowledge along with the new charge for paper or plastic bags in Seattle lit a spark, and Proletariat was born.

The process in making a tote incorporates all the skills I've learned so far in my program. Every style is an original pattern I drafted. I then cut all pieces for multiple bags assembly line style, then sew each one, along with nylon webbing, on my Juki industrial machine.

More on the stencil process at a later date!

Proletariat bags on Etsy


mkcphotography said...

Your bags are fantastic! Is there a "follow this blog" link that you've added so I can keep up-to-date? Thanks :-)

Angelia said...

Great bags for a great concept.

The Proletariat said...

Thank you so much! Yeah the follow me link is toward the bottom of the sidebar content.

Art By MAR said...

Your bags are wonderful. Love that you are promoting the living green concept.

Anonymous said...

this is pretty cool