Sunday, December 14, 2008


The images on my totes are inspired by stencil graffiti. I love the artistry and poignancy of artists like Banksy, who is the most well known but also unknown artist. His art speaks to your irreverent funny bone, and makes very extreme statements about our sometimes messed up western civilization.

I wanted to create stencils of my own, but use them in a legal way! My most popular ones so far have been the Sexy Legs, and my Read! TV images.

About half of my stencils are an original design, and the rest are commercial free ones found online. Making these reusable and finding the right paint was a whole other learning experience for me that involved first manila paper and an airbrush kit.(did not work)
I finally realized that .004 weight Mylar sheets, an exacto knife, and pebeo professional fabric paint were the winning combination. Yes, I hand paint all my stencils with a sponge brush! These are not screenprints!

Some Banksy inspirations:


LittlePeanutShop said...

Wow! Those Bansky images are awesome - and thought provoking! :)

Lenox Knits said...

Lovely work. And your blog is off to a great start too!

The Proletariat said...

Thanks to you both!

sweetsour said...

Love the "read" bag. Very clever!

Southern Belle said...

You've been given a award. Read my blog for details